hot spring

Goki-no-yu semi outdoor bath with a garden view

Spring quality simple thermal hot spring(hypotonic, alkalescent and low temperature)
Spring temperature 29℃
Amount of discharge 140 L/min
PH 8.29
Effect recovery from fatigue
Bath system heating, circulating filtration
Time 24 hours available
hot spring


前鬼の湯 前鬼の湯
Time 24 hours available

zekuu-no-yu resevation only

貸切風呂 是空の湯貸切風呂 窓を開けた風景貸切風呂 洗面台

[Zekuu-no-yu]- reservation only, so please make a reservation in advance
Fee: 2000 yen for 50 minutes (only available for guests)


please taste just budding edible wild plants in spring, river fish grown in the clear water of the valley in summer, mountain vegetables rich in flavor in autumn and boiled tofu made from famous mineral water and "Botan- nabe"( hot-pot with wild boar's meat) in winter.


A duck pot uses domestic duck.
The brand wild boar meat Mr. local hunter Sakaguchi calls "Omine wild boar" is used.

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